WPW – week 2 RPR

Positives this week – seeing leadership and new confidence express itself in an ED registrar’s board round. Plus nurturing the leadership wings in a member of an ED Frailty Intervention Team (that I am responsible for).

The monthly ED journal club continues to mature, in particular relationships and shared learning between the registrars. An opportunistic teaching moment this week – reinforcing the ethics/integrity that must be at the heart of everything we do as clinicians – research and beyond.

My most difficult moments this week – experiencing the physical symptoms and the hit to psychological safety that arise from management meetings without good governance. Observable changes in concentration, mood, energy levels, headache – not dissimilar to carbon monoxide poisoning!

Personal area to grow – allowing myself the self compassion to focus on what matters most and let go of career aspirations that necessitate carbon monoxide type toxidromes.

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