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Two Wings

We will be launching our five session Compassion in Practice Series – “Two Wings” tomorrow, Friday 27 May 2016.

Our Aspiration:  “Like a bird flies on two wings, may we learn to balance external activity with inner sustenance.

IMG_9141Over the coming months, I hope to post updates of our sessions for those of us who can not be there in person. I hope you will join us, even if from a distance, in this shared journey.

I am often asked “Can you actually teach someone compassion ?” I don’t know – but I do know the experience of compassion  feeds compassion – and once nourished, compassion always finds a way to manifest itself.

I look forward to flying with you, dear friends.




By ED Compassion

Inviting you to share this journey towards compassion in practice ...
(all views here are my own)

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